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COMPANY PRESENTATION Kreiner Exklusiv s.r.o.

We have been manufacturing exquisite free-standing bathtubs since 1892.

Kreiner Exklusiv


A manufacturer of exquisite free-standing bathtubs, Kreiner Exklusiv s.r.o. is a sister company of Kreiner s.r.o., which has already been operating in the Czech market for over 25 years.

The manufacture of free-standing bathtubs and the testing of manufacturing technologies was started in the Kladno plant in 2016, while the subsequent process of rebuilding the plant at Horní Bříza near Plzeň was also initiated.

Trial operation at Horní Bříza was commenced in early 2018 and, in parallel, the manufacturing facility was moved from the initial Kladno premises.

Today the company has a staff of 25, and about 70% of the plant capacity is currently utilised.

The core of the production plan is the assembly of free-standing design bathtubs from semi-finished products supplied by both domestic and foreign companies.

Kreiner Exklusiv's manufacturing programme includes approximately 200 free-standing bathtub models designed by artists of global renown to meet the needs of the market. Although the standard product range includes white bathtubs, coloured bathtubs can also be ordered. We further manufacture specific-purpose bathtubs, such as bathtubs for the elderly and handicapped, bathtubs with entrance doors, etc.
We are able to develop our own bespoke free-standing bathtubs according to customer requirements in terms of both size and/or shape.

I am confident our product range can offer you all you need and like.

If you want to learn more our team can be reached at any of the contacts shown on this website, where they are at your disposal to answer any questions, make an appointment with you, arrange a plant tour and present samples from our product range.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Wolfgang Kreiner


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